Technical Editing

While enrolled in the Professional & Technical Writing graduate program at Portland State University, I quickly took to technical editing. Since, I have edited grants, manuals, and evaluations


With my primary client, a program evaluation firm that supports educators and organizations, I process surveys, code qualitative data, and proofread final evaluations. Having taken psychology classes in my undergraduate career, I quickly learned the jargon required for such tasks and have come to share their mission of identifying struggles and successes related to professional development.


The best part of ghostwriting is the experience, the worst is the lack of bylines. I can research and write targeted creative content for client websites and blogs.

My clients have included a Grip & Electric Rental House, Yoga Studio, Fitness Center, Gym Equipment Supplier, Condo Association, Orthopedic Surgeon, Oral Surgeon, Pediatric Dental Office, Chiropractic Clinic, Divorce Lawyer, Garage Door Repairman, HVAC Serviceman, Window Treatment Company, Custom Flag Shop, and Animal Hospital.


While Detour has come and gone, and subsequently been scrubbed from the internet since acquired by Bose, I once researched, pitched, and produced their narrative-driven, experiential audio tours in Portland, Oregon. Originally hired to interview narrators and scout locations, I was promoted to write scripts and produce recording sessions.

Additionally, I have written, edited, and formatted specs, pilots, half-hour sitcoms, and features.

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